Destination: Bordeaux

Destination: Bordeaux

Welcome to Bordeaux, you may recognize the name due to its iconic status in the Wine industry- or as a colour reference to a deep, wine red. Situated in South-Western France, Bordeaux beams in unique culture, tradition and cuisine [of course]. 

The Bordeaux tee, quite obviously named after the French town, was the first shade that established our exclusive Backless Tee collection. Burgundy red was always a staple shade in my mind, so I instantly knew it would complement this 90s-inspired casual-yet-elevated design. Once I had found the perfect fabric, and the perfect cool-tone yet vibrant shade, we now needed to infuse some character. After visualising the moods, liveliness, and emotions the colour portrays- I instantly envisioned Bordeaux, and thus arose the Bordeaux Tee.

Whilst researching the town, I was particularly fascinated by the Bordeaux wine industry and the level of skill required to produce some of the world's most exquisite wines. As I delved deeper into the heritage and history of the city, I found myself captivated by the careful and quality craftsmanship that has not changed over the course of history. Each bottle of Bordeaux is carefully created under strict appellations that define specific regions and grape varieties to maintain a consistent level of quality. 

This craftsmanship and attention to detail were a perfect match for our brand's ethos of producing ethical garments in small runs. Having visited the town and visited a number of notable wineries, it was evident that an immense amount of love and community is a driving force behind the creation of their exquisite products, each of which narrates a unique story. Similarly in our business, we endeavour to infuse that same love into every piece we create, ensuring that every garment is crafted with utmost care and passion.


I was lucky enough to visit Bordeaux in July 2022, and have compiled a guide if you're ever nearby! 


- We stayed in central Bordeaux close to La Garonne. I definitely recommend looking at accommodation around this area, as you will need to travel into the city. It's also a great central location for wine tours, as most leave from the city!

- If you're looking to stay in a small wine town close to Bordeaux, St Emilion comes highly recommended. You'll also be in the proximity of many notable chateaus, so there is so much to see! We visited here during the day, but would definitely come back for a night. Pictured below is St Emilion. 


We only spent two nights in Bordeaux and a full day on a wine tour, so we were not very adventurous in our eating! However, some restaurants came highly recommended by our Airbnb host including:

- Le Riva [restaurant]

- Le Petit Commerce [restaurant]

- Sushi Shop [honestly the best takeaway sushi I've ever had]

- CanCan [bar]

- Café Brun [bar]




You can't do Bordeaux if you haven't caught a glimpse of a winery. We went on a 9-hour wine tour and LOVED it, but you do have to dedicate the whole day to it. We visited 3 very different wineries, tasted their signature bottles and gained exceptional knowledge about wine-making and the Bordeaux wine industry. Along the way we also visited the town of St Emilion, learnt some of their history and explored public underground cellars where you can rent a little place to store your wine bottles. Our tour guide was beyond lovely and extremely helpful, i've linked our tour below for you :) There are also so many other tours if you don't want to commit to 9 hours! 



I hope I gave some insight into the backstory of our little gal Bordeaux, and helped you learn something along the way! Until next time! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for future MMAG posts.

Hugs and Kisses

Mia <3

Founder & Creative Director, Mode Mischief Studios



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