At Mode Mischief Studios, we aim to deliver fashion in a slow, ethical manner to help lessen exploitation and detriment caused by the Fast Fashion industry.
Fast fashion is detrimental to the Earth by depleting non-renewable resources, increasing carbon emissions via international export, creating mass landfill, and burning fossil fuels to create synthetic fabrics. 
Fast fashion is also an exploitative industry that supports unhealthy work environments and pays workers an unliveable wage.
We aim to educate and steer customers away from mass consumerism and encourage them to shop consciously. 
Our contributions:
  • We design, source and manufacture locally. Not only does this keep local businesses running after the pandemic, but also ensures our entire production process is overlooked. We are able to build great relationships with all of our team, and that is something we treasure.
  • All our clothes are handmade by a small family team who earn a great wage. 
  • We aim to use more natural materials such as wool, rayon, cotton and bamboo over synthetic materials like polyester and acrylic, when possible.
  • We ship all orders with compostable mailers and labels to reduce plastic waste.
  • We produce our clothing in small quantities so there is no garment waste. 
We hope to make a contribution to a better world and fashion industry.

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